Dotted Daisies

Dotted Daisies

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Terrific Tuesday ...not

Well well, Tuesday is actually my Monday since proration took my job down to three days a week. Therefore, it is not my most favorite day. I play catch up from Thursday and then start on the new week.
I did however have a great weekend. It was sunny and bright so I sat out on the deck with my new umbrella overhead and grilled myself some hotdogs. yum. I put mustard and ketchup on mine. What are you guys favorite toppings?
I went yard saleing with some friends at two neighborhood sales! FUN! I found some great stuff. I got a new lamp shade (looks brand new), a picture of a flower (looks like a poppy), a green charger plate (decorative), a to-go coffee mug (NIB- says Coffee is the gasoline of life) so cute by Mudpie, and an unopened box kit of Starbucks coffee! My friend got a Northface jacket for $5 bucks! unreal right! I just love finding treasures in other's junk.
I did have one bad part to the weekend though. It ended. Well okay two things, I got a huge piece of wood stuck in my foot off of the deck. Drew had to use pliers and a scalpel to get it out. (Lucky for me he is a medic.) It hurt though!!!! OUCH~~
Anyways, my family is coming to visit this weekend so I am looking forward to that for sure.

Hope everyone has a good week!

Dotted Daisies

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Must Have Summer Decor

I am totally lusting over these pillows at Pottery Barn they are $32.00 each. I am decorating the deck for summer and these are a MUST HAVE. The only catch is they won't ship until 6/9/09. Bummer... I hate to wait. I like instant gratification.

I just bought a red umbrella at Lowe's on sale for $58.00!! Yeah! These will match great. I also had to buy the base which was on sale for $29.00****Does anyone have any other ideas for decorating a small space patio??

I also saw this for the umbrella stand. Do you guys think it is worth $14.98?

Back to Blogging

Hey Brandi and everyone in the blog world,

Well it seems you, Brandi, are my only follower so I might as well address you. hehe. I have been out of the blogging scene for a while now and it is mainly due to the craziness of my busy life. (To everyone else~ I recently switched jobs.) I really like having my own office but it is really quite since I am not sitting by Brandi and Elissa. I have had a lot happen since my last post.Here's an update:

- I went to see WICKED which I am now completely addicted to the soundtrack.
-I have a Robins nest on my back deck which attacked my husband the other night.

- I went to the Crawfish boil and got to see Katy Perry and Everclear. Katy was so funny.

-My little sister graduated high school. (Not so little anymore I guess.)

- I participated in City Girl Country Life's Blog Swap and got the cutest apron and oven mitt that Nichole Mos. made! ( I am also now in love with M'M Premium Mint now too!)

- It has been raining here forever. I tried to have a yard sale twice this month and it rained both times!!!

-Had the worst day ever last week.

-LOVED that Kris Allen won American Idol.

-Sad that Keeping up with the Kardashians , Real Housewives of NY, and American Idol are all over for the season. ( I was so hooked on reality tv this season...probably because I didn't have to study every waking minute now that I am out of school.)

-Thrilled that Jillian is the Bachelorette.

Well, as you can see nothing really exciting happen. A little of this a little of that. I guess that's what life is all about. I am glad to be blogging that I have gotten the swing of things at work I will make time to blog.

*Dotted Daisies*

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's

Hey Guys! Well first off, my dear sweet husband this morning woke me up saying it was 7 am (which is past the time I leave for work) watched me awake in a panic only to yell "APRIL FOOLS!!!!" It was only 5 am.
I am very tired today. We have been very busy at work. Good thing I have a stash of candy. I went home this weekend and my loving mom had me an Easter basket made out of a flower pot shaped like a teapot (with polka dots!). It was so sweet of her. It had mascara, lotion, seeds for the flower pot, 2 books, a candle and candy! The reason she got a flower pot is because I have had a green thumb lately. I spend the entire weekend in the flower garden planting azaleas and rose bushes. It looks super good I think. Then, I went to my mom's on Sunday-Monday. Monday night when I got home my future sister-in-law had brought me a bouquet of daisies and a bowl full of Easter candy! Gotta love that girl. I will post pics up later tonight.
I know it is early but our lives are so busy we never know when we will see each other it might be the Fourth of July for all we know.

On another note, a friend of mine showed me this website called They have a button you can click to help women get mammograms for free. All you have to do is click, no registration, etc.. Then, at the top of that page you can also click other tabs and do the same thing for animals, hunger, children's health, the rainforest and literacy. We should do this every day it only takes a few seconds to do something positive. AND IT'S FREE!!!

I have seen some great giveaways today also. Their is one on polka dots and cupcakes site for a great basket of goodies. CHECK IT OUT!

At last the TIDY TIP of the day is: For cleaning wood that looks dry and damaged, simply use an old rag and apply vegetable oil. Yes, vegetable oil. It restores moisture to the wood and makes it look like brand new again. **Note, this is not for wood that is just dusty or scratched. This is for damaged wood or dry wood like maybe something from a yard sale that has been in storage or a very used piece of furniture. **

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sorry I missed blogging yesterday. I had to study for my GRE exam. I took the test this morning and didn't score high enough on the verbal portion :( bummer. My brain is now like jello. Anyone see the Hulu commericials? I think maybe the GRE is like Hulu and wants to soften the brain tissue before they destroy us! I just hate the fact that I have to take it again!
On another note, I am very excited about Easter. Who doesn't love getting to go shopping for a new dress and shoes...and maybe handbag? I am looking at this really cute blouse on DVF website. I can't afford it but it sure is gorgeous. Guess I'll keep looking...Today's TIDY TIP is for the kitchen. Do you have drawers full of random gadgets that you only use on occasion? (I read this in the Spring 2009 issue of 100 Decorating ideas under $100 page 93.) Use an over the door shoe organizer to store those gadgets for easy find.They suggest you use bright labels on the pocket to add color and fun. TOO CUTE!

Monogram chick has a great giveaway! Check it out.

Also, I am so excited about this blog swap on Country Girl City Life's blog! Check it out!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I am home now and feeling crafty. However, I need to be studying to take my GRE on Friday. Most people would do something to relax after a long day at work...not me. I am a busy bee constantly needing something to do or plan. I like to stay organized so even when I am not crafting I am cleaning.

So, Here is the TIDY TIP for the day. If you are like me, you like to look at magazines for inspiration and sometimes well they begin to pile up and then you have more magazines than you do time to look at them. And just what magazine was that article about "Hostess with the Mostest" or that great looking recipe for artichoke dip? Go through your magazines (all at once or as you have time) and gently tear out the pages that you really like. Group them together by fashion, food, organizing, cleaning, finance tips, and decorating ideas. Then, put these pages into page protector sleeves (you can get 100 of these at Target for $7) then use dividers to separate the pages into the groups listed and put them into a 3- ring binder! Now you have an INSPIRATION BOOK. Decorate and enjoy. It's something you can whip out before your dinner party or before you go shopping! I would love to see yours!

Welcome to my first ever blog. Today's topic: Busy women in an even busier world.
I am a wife, student, employee, and entreprenuer. Also, a dog walker, tutor, friend, member of a Bible study, member of Alumni society, member of...well you get the point. However, none of these things define who I am. They are simply what I do. I stay very busy as many of you do, but how can we keep track of WHO WE ARE. What makes us unique and individual? What words define a person's character not their career? Some of us are even too busy to worry about figuring this out... Stop and smell the perfume of your essence today, not the roses. What kind are you wearing?

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